“NYC is known to have hidden gems sparkling throughout that one may stumble upon by simply entering into a space yet discovered. I recently had one of these glittering experiences off-Broadway, up an elevator, and into the majesty that is Soho Acupuncture by Jen Becker.

First, the decor. I felt like I was wrapped in care from the moment I walked in. The aesthetic is gorgeous and so deeply thoughtful, from the choice of rugs, plants, and books to read, to the colors, lighting, teas, etc. And then there’s Jen. I immediately felt so welcomed and could also rest in her presence. She already seemed to know what I needed and yet still intently listened to my concerns. I’ve experienced a lot of acupuncture before and Jen and her team truly bring forth a level of both professionalism and compassion that really sets a tone for deep healing. I left feeling invigorated and integrated, so balanced and recharged. Plus, for those who are attuned to the surrounding environment, the view from the healing room is one of a kind and so inspiring.

I highly recommend booking a session and discovering what gems you can uncover here.” – cw

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