Anne L. Brooklyn, NY

“Jen is an incredible acupuncturist. After a bad accident, I was dealing with a potentially career-ending injury. I went to several different neurologists, an osteopath, two different physical therapists, several different kinds of massage therapy, and nothing was helping. I was afraid to try acupuncture because I’m scared of needles, but Jen was so kind and sensitive to my fear that I tried it out. My fears were quickly quieted by the fact that the treatments worked so well, in fact, they were the only thing that has ever consistently helped. I’ve been working with her now for a little over a year, and have highly recommended her to friends and students. I feel incredibly grateful and lucky that I found Jen, and that she continues to help me to heal.”

Lauren B. Brooklyn, NY

“Jen Becker is a true and gifted healer. She has 100% changed my life in the 8 months I have been her patient. I came to Jen with two herniated discs in my neck. I suffered with the pain for a year. I could only sleep on my back with a towel under my neck, I wore adhesive heating pads every day – It was brutal. With Jen’s gentle treatments and knowledgeable care I am a new woman! Now, I am able to move freely! I can sleep on my favorite (formerly injured) side! I can snuggle again!

Jen has also worked magic in other ways too. Once, I arrived to her fully covered from the neck down in hives. After my hour treatment, I walked away without a trace of them. My debilitating period cramps are eased, my metabolism is boosted, my liver and lungs are cleansed and nourished! I feel great!!! I am deeply thankful for Jen, consider her a friend and covet her killer style.”

Rachel C. New York, NY

“If I could give Jen 10 stars I would in a heartbeat. I suffer from chronic pain so I wanted to get back into acupuncture and a friend suggested Jen. From day one I felt completely comfortable with her and our sessions quickly became the best part of my week. She really listens and goes above and beyond to make sure that you feel your best, not just when you are at your appointment but in day to day life. I have seen improvements in my pain as well as in my mental clarity and just overall well-being. Jen is a true gem and I cannot recommend her enough to anyone.”

Lucia H New York, NY

“Is accupunture junkie a thing?? I feel like an acculturation junkie:) For me this is definitely the best form of healing- I am addicted!It heals whatever ails you- be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual!Jen is not only my acupuncturist she is also my therapist- I can talk to Jen about any and everything- Her gentle healing touch and understanding is exceptional! Love you

Brendan F. Brooklyn, NY

“I started seeing Jen in BK about two and half years ago and it seriously changed my life. And since being treated by her, I recommend acupuncture to everyone for everything and anything that might be bothering them. What I love about the experience the most is that it really gives me a break from busy NYC life and helps me chill and focus. I get treated for stress and anxiety and it 100 percent calms me down. She’s super attentive and flexible to whatever might be bothering you, big or small. Jen’s also fantastic at acclimating you to the practice of acupuncture so if you’re nervous at all about it, she’s the definitely the person to start with! I couldn’t recommend it more!!”

Casey Brooklyn, NY

“I have been struggling with hormonal imbalances, irregular periods and excruciating pain during and in between my cycle since I was twelve years old (I’m now 30). I have tried everything from diet, exercise, homeopathic doctors, chiropractors and many other alternative treatments.  Nothing has worked to regulate my periods and calm my rage, until I started seeing Jen Becker for acupuncture treatments.

Jen immediately made me feel comfortable and at ease from the first moment I met her, talking to her was like speaking with a long time friend.  I saw her every week for 3 months and my period, for the first time in 18 years, was regulated with fewer clots and almost no rage!!! I’m much more relaxed and it’s only getting better. Jen Becker and acupuncture has completely changed my life and I can not thank her enough!”

Grace Brooklyn, NY

“Jen is my go to girl when it comes to acupuncture. It’s because of my experience with her that I look forward to every session. We sit down have a quick chat about what’s going on and minutes later I’m in cloud 9. Occasionally I hear Jen asking how everything is going but I’m in a far away planet at that point. It’s soothing and therapeutic for me when I’m under her care. I feel like I’m visiting a friend who heals. I thank her for all my progress and making it such a treat. Jen also recommends good supplements and herbs. One time she put these tiny ball patch press point stickers in my ear so I can access my pressure points during the week and i enjoyed them very much. She is an integral part of my balance and I feel the difference. I’m glad I can just go to her and she will know what to do.”

Karen Brooklyn, NY

“I started seeing Jen last year for endometriosis and anxiety. Over the last several months, my cycles have regulated and I have experienced a lot less pain. My anxiety has calmed down as well. Aside from the benefit of the acupuncture itself, Jen’s presence is so calming and I look forward to my weekly visit with her. Jen is a natural healer and very intuitive about what is going on in the body and mind. She will know what to do and how to treat the problems you have. I’m very happy to be working with her – I see a noticeable difference in myself in more ways than one.”

Lindsay Brooklyn, NY

“I started seeing Jen for acupuncture nearly one year ago after suffering from some unexpected female health issues. I was extremely lucky to have found Jen to treat me as she is always very thorough in her consultations before every session and intuitive in her approach to acupuncture. She offered me a wide range of treatments based on her careful assessment of my condition which also nicely complemented my yoga practice and diet. I am now free of the issues for which I originally saw her and I believe that acupuncture played a large role in my healing process. Because I have seen firsthand the amazing benefits of acupuncture on mental, emotional and physical well-being, I plan to continue maintaining my treatments with Jen as part of my normal lifestyle. I would recommend her treatments for any ailments as an alternative or complementary addition to Western health practices.”

Shana New York, NY

“I began working with Jen during a challenging time both physically and mentally. Having worked with a handful of other acupuncturists, I could tell right away that Jen is exceptional at her craft. Each session with Jen was therapeutic both physically and emotionally. I walked out of sessions feeling blissful and/or energized and recharged. She allows the space for you to express what is going on physically, mentally and emotionally so that she can tune into your needs and provide an appropriate and effective treatment. Working with Jen has certainly been one of the best things I have done to improve my health and well being. I highly recommend her services.”